For a long time of living in Israel I found that a lot of videographers here don’t even know about how to work with couples, how to shoot and to edit this material on the post production. How did I found it? Israel is a small but very beautiful country and there are a lot of wonderful places here that are not so for far from me. So being walking around I see how they’re working. And every time I really surprise on it. It is only the one side. On the other side is a final result. I saw many works and found that many of them are not so good. Unfortunately…

wedding shooting in Tel-Aviv
wedding videographer in Jerusalem with couple
wedding shooting after the ceremony on the beach in Israel

This material is not about to say: «I'm so good and they are so bad». No! I just want to tell that you need to pay attention on all sides of videographer you want to hire.

Videography is not only a shooting. It’s also a directing, sound recording, editing, color correction etc. Videographer needs to know a lot of things. I studied a video by myself by viewing different movies, master-classes, shooting a lot to find my unique and special style. I always say that the a sound is very important and a lot of years ago when I was a musician I took a sound engineering course from one of the most known sound engineer in my city. This knowledge really helps me now when I edit a wedding film for my couples!

In the the end I want to say «Mazal Tov» for those who are going to get married! I wish you to find your one and special videographer in Israel who will save your unique day for many many years!

You’re welcome to see one of my clip from the wedding of Nikolay & Ortal: